Shri Studio, Urban Revitalization Yoga

This urban outreach yoga studio started quite raw.  When Alison first entered, the walls were pale blue, the bathroom in desperate need of repair, the ceiling filled with holes and the floors - a mess! With friends and family, Alison pulled together the resources to install the floors you see below and the accompanying fixtures.  Shelves were built from wood found in the basement of this historic building.  An old gun table served as the front desk, a church pew found next door allowed for seating in the registration area and an embroidery table in the basement found new use (once refinished) to hold yoga props. 


The goal was to allow the space to feel wide open for when classes grew.  The room dividers Alison's partner built from plumbing pipe and fishing line and $10 Ikea shade panels.  The dividers are on wheels to accommodate special populations of people.  The light fixtures give the studio space a warm glow, and they're all set on dimmers.  The alter in the center of the room is actually a modern Dutch dresser Alison found in the Rhode Island Antique Mall in Pawtucket.  The Buddah above the alter came from a store in the Berkshires.  Alison's sister gave her the Shiva statue from her trip to Bali.



The Buddah arrived from Warren, RI.  The industrial coat rack came from an office warehouse.  The Herman Miller chair was picked up in an antique co-op.  The black table was a gift from another antique shop from Providence.  The black and white photograph is Alison's shadow shot in the basement of her riverfront loft.  The Eero Saarinen chair came from Alison's loft.  News stories on the studio's success have begun to find frames and wall space to tell Shri's story. 



The beauty of the space is told through the block glass above the studio floor.  This 6-foot tall Buddah was also a purchase from Warren, RI.  Here you can see the original tin ceiling Alison had painted in the brightest white she could find.  The walls are navajo white and dovetail gray, both by Benjamin Moore.  The curtains in the back hang from the same plumbing pipe material used to build the studio room dividers.  The lanterns (an upgrade from paper lanterns) were a quick but efficient "get" from Ikea.  

To Appreciate the Vision of the Space, this is what it looked like when Alison Started, and a few pieces she dug out of the building and made "new" again:

April 2009, first day Alison walked into what would become Shri

The Start

Front Desk, Then

Prop Table, Then

Form Needs to Work with Function



The table in the back which holds yoga props (blocks, straps, bolsters) was found in the basement of this building.  Alison and her partner refinished the table.   The large photograph above the table is set on aluminum and is another shot of Alison's shadow in the basement of her loft.  The exposed poles line up well with the lanterns to create a balanced room.  The shape is neither a square nor a rectangle.


Storage and Lounge