About Alison:

Alison Bologna is an award-winning journalist, yoga teacher, studio owner, non-profit organization founder, and through all of those roles, has become a self-taught, experiential designer. 

Since moving to New England from New York City in 2002, Alison has personally designed every space she has lived and worked in including: a residential loft, an urban outreach yoga studio, a city home, a pool garden patio, and most recently a garage conversion into a garden studio and outdoor pool cabana.

With an intuitve knack for preserving what is old in new, colorful, modern and eclectic ways, designing came to Alison not through formal training, but instead through necessity, curiosity and travels. 

Since leaving (but still visiting) New York City to move to New England, Alison has been known to dig through mills, artist studios, flea markets, friend's homes and garages for the perfect finds, and thanks to this "digging" skill, she is well equipped through a network of partners to turn any space into something special.  In fact, it was on a story in Fall River when Alison spotted four original, orange Herman Miller fiberglass chairs on the porch of a triple decker and convinced their owner to let her take them home.    

While Alison has earned degrees from Northwestern, Columbia and Harvard Universities, she has NEVER attended a formal design school.  Instead, she works with space through intuition and personal taste, and she accessorizes environments with one-of-a-kind treasures found not by appointments but spontaneously through the rigors of daily life.

Thanks to great exposure through all her jobs in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Alison has become well acquainted with the areas best upholsterers, antique dealers, collectors, textile manufacturers, potters, contractors, painters and masons.  Together, they form an unstoppable (and fun!) team to work with.


Alison Believes In:

- small, beautiful spaces, rather than big, empty ones

 - homes and offices filled with more people than things

-  spending recklessly on original art that pops

- getting over minimalism

- saving all in-ground pools

- finding a better use for a garage than for a car

- knocking down ceilings and ripping through floors

- cursing the McMansion (Yuck!)

- banning clutter

- celebrating color

- investing in space when everyone tells you not to

- letting every piece in a home or office tell a story

- not being afraid to allow your dog in any room

- allowing form to work with function

- favoring rural or urban spaces, but never suburban!

-  using lots of wire, bottles, plants and wood

- banning stucco

- recognizing the inalienable right that everyone should be surrounded by beauty and good taste