Q: Who does Alison Work With?

A: Because of her schedule, Alison only chooses 2-3 projects per year.  Projects are chosen based upon creativity, availability, motivation and desire.  The process begins with the completion of an application and if accepted, a scheduled consultation takes place with an interview and review of desired outcome.  Alison prefers working in urban spaces and has chosen to split her time between both work and residential projects. 

Q: What is Alison's Style?

A: Alison works with non-traditional textiles, furniture and fixtures.  She works from experience and intuition, never from a place of what is predictable or "typical."  She believes in using color, mixing patterns, and creating spaces that are comfortable and functional to live and work in.


Q: Is Alison limited to work in  certain spaces?

A:   No.  Alison designs for homes and offices, but also for events.  Her most recent large-scale event took place at Hodgson Park on the grounds of the Old Slater Mill Museum in Rhode Island.  She prefers outdoor venues, but is particularly interested in working in barns and other less traditional space. 


Q:  What Size Projects does Alison retain?

A:  From one room to several, from a small outdoor space, to a sweeping venue.  It all depends on the creative freedom the client is willing to extend.